Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lyla's 1st dance class

Way back in May Lyla & I attended a dance recital for our little friend Paisley.  Lyla loved watching the dancers so much that she cried when we left because she wanted to immediately go to dance class.  We have been talking about dance since then.  Lyla loves to dance!  It doesn't matter where she is.  When she hears music she MUST dance.  She loves for us to play her Princess CD and she will dance to the ENTIRE album!

Last week we FINALLY went shopping for dance clothes along with her ballet & tap shoes.  I literally had to hide everything.  She wanted to live in her outfits.  Wednesday Lyla started her class.  It was adorable!  She loved it and just smiled the entire time.  I love that she loves it!
 Lyla's teacher gave all of the girls these color pages after class.  She came home and colored it first thing.  So proud!

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Marlager said...

OH LYLA! You are a beautiful princess dancer! I heard you danced with the real Cinderella on your birthday!!! Are you gonna be on the Tiger Line like your mom?:)

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