Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Round Top Antique Week

 I celebrated my birthday with my good friend Tracy in Round Top, Texas during Antique Week.  We spent 4 days doing nothing, but junking!  It was serious work shopping for Tracy's new home and finding fun new/old things to re-do mine.

We met the Junk Gypsy girls one day.  They were so nice.  I love their show.  If you have not seen it, you must check it out.  Love their style!

I loved this little place.  It was decorated so cute.
 I fell in love with The Happy Chair lady and actually bought a piece of her artwork.
A lot of the people working had cute little "homes" like this set up.  Some of these people were so creative!

I have no room for this old school table and stools, but if I did I would have come home with this.  It reminds me of my Jr. High science lab days.  

Tracy and I are already planning our next trip, but don't tell our husbands.  They are still dealing with the junk we just bought!

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Marlager said...

I'm so jealous you met them, my girls and I LOVE their show!!!

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