Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our first date

Seriously, I CANNOT be old enough to say that I have been with my husband for 20 YEARS, can I?  I remember an older lady I worked with saying that she had been with her husband longer than she was without him.  I thought she was old.  I'm there now.  I have been for 3 years.

October 10, 1992 was our first date.  I have no photos of it, but these were a couple of the oldest ones of us together I could find.  We went out on our first date one week after Homecoming.  I was a junior and Scott had just graduated.  We had a couple of friends (see below: Danny in white and Kim on right) who wanted us to go out with them, so what better way than to lie to your friends?  I was told Scott wanted to go out with me and he was told the same about me.  Neither of us had any interest in the other.  Until that night.  We dated for almost 6 years after that first date while I finished high school and we both graduated from college. I still look at him and am amazed HE is who God put me with.  I never would have thought I would have ended up with the skater boy who wore Cross Colors and had the bleached out eye hanger, but I am beyond happy I did!  I love you Scott!!!


Dana said...

Hope to be like you two someday! What a beautiful life & family you have created together!

Jennifer said...

Hahaha- "bleached out eye hanger"- I remember that! it made me giggle! Wow- 20 years! Congrats!

Marlager said...

Those pics are sooo cute! We are right there with y'all! I know y'all feel blessed like we do. I thank God all the time for getting to have the best years of my life with my man! So many people want what we all have. A blessed fairy tale for sure!

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