Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Halloween

We had an excellent Halloween!  Check out our little trick or treaters.

Lyla had a costume parade at her school & found another princess friend.  We had to get a picture with Snow White!
I LOVED this little boys costume!  Do you watch Duck Dynasty?  He was adorable!!!
I love nerds!  Especially this one!  Caleb was the cutest little nerd!
Gavin thought his costume was hilarious and loved having everyone try to figure it out.   Do you know what he is?
A Ceiling Fan, of course!

Sweet Haddie was a little peacock.  It truly feels like I am constantly chasing a little peacock with this girl on the move.  She never stops!
And Lyla was one of the newest princesses, Merida from the movie Brave.  She looked adorable with her red hair.
On Halloween night we had fun with friends trick or treating.  Lyla and her friend Anslee were too cute holding hands on the hayride and while walking up to each door.

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Marlager said...

OH MY WORD! Y'all always have the *BEST Halloween costumes! LOVE IT!

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