Saturday, December 8, 2012

I better post Thanksgiving before Christmas is here

We had a great Thanksgiving this year with all of our family at our house.  My dad came in from Mexico and my mom from Florida.  Both of my sisters and all of their kids were here.  Plus, my aunt, uncle, cousin and her son came.  I loved having a full house for lunch!  My kids loved having all of their cousins to play with.  We are so blessed!
We went for a walk down the golf course after lunch to look for golf balls.  Here are all of the cousins except for Skylar who was inside napping watching football.  

All of us girls were planning on doing some shopping, so we were checking out the adds.  The kids were making their wish lists and circling the things they are hoping for.

Lyla had a cute little Thanksgiving Feast at her school before we got out for Thanksgiving break.  Scott and I loved watching her sing her songs.  She had been practicing and teaching us the words all week.  Once she got up there we could tell she was a little nervous, but so cute!

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